Dialysis Disposables

      SD-LF & SD-HF Dialyzers

      Steam sterilization technology ensures better biocompatibility

      PES membrane with higher stability

      Patented dialyzer structure design

      A.S.M (surface-active technique)

        TWT EF210 Dialysis Fluid Filter

        Steam sterilization technology with higher performance to enhance molecular clearance and biocompatibility

        PES membrane with excellent permeability and stability

        Imported assembly line to guarantee stable production and product reliability

        Four Hansen connectors to meet various market requirements

          TN Series disposable hemoperfusion cartridge

          Coated sorbent granules brings better biocompatibility and reduced complications

          Specific surface area (SSA) > 1000m2/g, providing larger effective adsorption area, stronger clearance performance, and more options as per clinical needs

          The new spherical header makes the blood flow constantly, reducing the probability of coagulation and hemolysis during treatment

          The two-step crosslinking method is adopted in sorbent granules, the stability and strength created makes sure it’s not easy to break or fall off

          Small blood chamber volume, less blood in extracorporeal circulation, reducing the risks of treatment

          Steam sterilization, toxic-free, residue-free and better biocompatibility

            TWT-F Concentrate Powder

            Clean from the very first droplet

            Carefully selected raw materials

            Management of special control nodes

            Sophisticated technology

              TWT-Y Concentrate Fluid

              Clean from the very first droplet

              Carefully selected raw materials

              High precision solution

              Advanced sterilization technique

              Whole-process purification