Dialysis Center
Intelligent Management System

Brand new “Internet+” management model

SWS is redefining dialysis services with a brand new Intelligent Hemodialysis approach featuring Internet + Dialysis Center + Equipment + Disposables + Medical Care + Patients. Connected to the SWS “Medical Machinery Internet” – an ecosystem offering solutions to enable and empower, what you’ll have are a unique medical device identifier (UDI), remote operation and maintenance, medical machinery hosting, medical big data, increased dialysis accuracy and efficiency and more. Medical institutions and professionals will be freed and empowered to focus more on patient care.

Empowering “Smart Hemodialysis”

The series of software products integrates the clinical application and management needs of medical devices and new generation information technology. It enables 8 functions at dialysis centers, including patient management, shift arrangement, equipment maintenance, disposable management, etc.

  • Patient

    •Support patient profile import from HIS

    •Provide phased summary and progress note

    •Quick-add of prescription and regular medical advice, allow template import, grouping and print

    •Enable customized dialysis plan by patients and batch settings

  • Dialysis

    •Smart periodic/monthly shift arrangement, automatic log of shifts, modes, and dialyzers

    •Bed booking at one click, auto-matching of treatment zone and dialysis membrane

    •Integrated reception system to help medical staff manage patient experience

    •Detailed treatment record, allow real-time data check on machine

    •Phased treatment summary can be imported into template and included in dialysis records, support hand-writing and quality control check

  • Payment

  • Stock

  • Case

    •Summarized case record throughout the entire treatment for analyzing patient dialysis quality

    •Featured case profile with refined dialysis data management

    •Multi-dimensional data to assist doctors in formulating clinical prescriptions

    •Customized file modules, support copy-paste and electronic signature

  • Data

    •Quick query of stock data to ensure easy analysis

    •Multi-faceted medical indicators to strictly control dialysis quality

    •Infectious diseases monitoring to control hospital transmission

    •Renal disease data reporting by one-click auto-submission

  • Device

    •Categorized log of each step of the machine

    •Real-time display of machine status

    •Record keeping of the maintenance, repair, disinfection and biochemical monitoring

  • System

    •Personal information and authority management
    •Timely and effective feedback mechanism
    •Configuration of dialysis center, system menu and dialysis shift