• SWS 6000 is extremely user-friendly. It guarantees a pleasant dialysis experience.

    NepfroHealth HemodialysisCenter

  • An easy, relaxing home dialysis experience utilizing SWS 6000.

    A patient in Serbia

  • A child patient had smooth dialysis treatment in comfort on SWS 4000.

    JDC Dialysis Center

  • Alison Avila is a patient with renal failure caused by Covid, who’s also pregnant. To ensure safety, Alison received high-volume filtered hemodialysis with SWS 6000 and continued her pregnancy.

    Dr. Marian Borges
    Renalpro Milagro Dialysis Center in Ecuador

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  • SWS's sophisticated and innovative machines are efficient in handling dialysis process. SWS 6000 is very user-friendly and easy to maintain. Its highlighted features include blood pressure monitor, 15-inch monitor and the cartridged bicarbonate system.

    Dr. Wicaksono
    RSUD CimacanHospital

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Patients and Health Professionals

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