SWS-5000 CRRT Highly Praised by Top Nephrologist Dr. Claudio Ronco

Professor Claudio Ronco, an internationally renowned nephrologist, speaks highly of the SWS-5000 CRRT machine which is independently developed and produced by SWS.

[Vicenza, Italy, April 21, 2021] On April 21, 2021, the SWS-5000 series continuous blood purification equipment (SWS-5000 CRRT) independently developed and produced by SWS was unveiled at the International Renal Research Institute of Vicenza (IRRIV) in Italy. Professor Claudio Ronco, an internationally renowned nephrologist highly commented on the completeness and applicability of the treatment modes of SWS-5000 CRRT, after a range of test and evaluation on the machine.

The evaluation mainly covered the machine’s appearance, power pump, ease of operation, key components, pressure monitoring sensors, alarm system, treatment mode and extracorporeal organ support system joint operation. Commenting on the SWS-5000, Professor Ronco said: "A blood purification machine that can support the kidneys, heart, liver and lungs when necessary is something we (the IRRIV) have always wanted. Obviously, the SWS-5000 in front of us is one that allows us to achieve the purpose of research, and its birth shows that the world is advancing rapidly... The design concept of this machine is worth digging into." With surprise, he added: "I didn't expect it to have so many different modes of treatment, but what amazed me the most was that this CRRT device also support plasma treatment."

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The positive comments on SWS-5000 CRRT from the world's top experts in severe kidney disease testifies the technology level of the product. The SWS-5000 not only displays excellent performance in kidney and liver replacement therapy, but also opens a new window on clinical research and experiment for global medical professionals. At present, SWS’s innovative, original blood purification products have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions including Italy, Greece and South Africa, allowing the world to feel the strong "Chinese support".

About Professor Claudio Ronco

Professor Claudio Ronco is respected as the “father of critical care nephrology”. He is a pioneer in the field of extracorporeal circulation therapy and peritoneal dialysis, and the inventor of new medical devices such as the Carpediem™ Cardio-Renal Pediatric Dialysis Emergency Machine. He is also a winner of multiple awards including the Belding Hibbard Scribner Award, the Bywaters Award, and the ESAO Innovation Award.