Canadian Ambassador to China Dominic Barton Visited SWS

Canadian Ambassador Dominic Barton spoke highly of SWS products during his visit to the company.

[Chongqing, China, May 31, 2021] Mr. Dominic Barton, then Canadian Ambassador to China visited SWS, accompanied by Consul General Jeff David and trade commissioners from the Canadian Consulate General in Chongqing. The delegation was warmly received by Mr. GAO Guangyong, Board Chair of SWS, and his executive team.

Canadian Ambassador Dominic Barton’s visit to SWS

The delegation toured to SWS’s intelligent workshops where they observed the operation of the “smart plant” that enables product lifecycle management. The Ambassador highly commented on the company’s capacities in research and innovation, intelligent manufacturing, as well as corporate management and culture.

Board Chair Mr. Gao introduces the SWS-5000 CRRT to Ambassador Barton

SWS-5000 CRRT is a new model developed and produced by SWS. When made known that the machine treated and saved numerous critically ill Covid patients during the pandemic, Ambassador Barton made special acknowledgements of SWS’s contribution.

Board Chair Mr. Gao introduces the intelligent dialysis management platform

During the introduction to the Big Data platform for smart dialysis management, Ambassador Barton showed great interest. He pointed out that both Canada and China were quite vast in areas, while there was an imbalance in the allocation of medical resources. The dialysis centers in remote areas were much behind in terms of service management. While SWS as a medical service provider with strong information technology capabilities can effectively avoid delays in diagnosis and treatment with its independently developed intelligent management system, which can help Canada provide real-time medical services to the communities in remote regions.

After the company tour, a meeting was held to further discuss the cooperation between SWS and Canada. Board Chair Gao said that in the past two years, the Consulate General of Canada in Chongqing, the Ontario Trade and Investment Office in China, as well as the Counsellor in charge of Science, Technology, Innovation of Embassy of Canada to China visited the company. Thanks to their introduction and recommendation, SWS understood better about Canada's capabilities and advantages in health and life sciences. The company has kept extensive exchanges and cooperation with Canadian nephrologists and medical institutions in the fields of peritoneal dialysis, center services and treatment. SWS welcomes and looks forward to developing partnerships with more Canadian hemodialysis companies, medical schools, hospitals and life science businesses to promote mutual development and benefit more patients.

At the meeting, Ambassador Barton expressed that he welcomed and supported the cooperation between SWS and Canada. He further inquired about the company's planning and strategy in technology research, market expansion, and core businesses.

Ambassador Barton said that he would highly recommend increasing communication between SWS and more Canadian hospitals, medical schools and hemodialysis-related medical institutions, and he would like to help create more cooperation opportunities in the field of medicine and life sciences (blood purification, research on kidney disease and chronic disease treatment), benefiting patients with renal failure around the world.

By the end of the meeting, Ambassador Barton shared his experience on corporate management and business strategy. He autographed two of his books that Mr. Gao had read, with a message to encourage SWS to grow into a world-class hemodialysis brand and benefit patients with kidney diseases globally.

About Dominic Barton

Prior to serving as the Canadian ambassador to China, Mr. Barton was the global managing director of McKinsey, the chair of the Canadian Minister of Finance’s Advisory Council on Economic Growth, the 11th chancellor at the University of Waterloo, Canada, the first visiting professor of practice and Advisory Board member at the School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University, as well as one of the founders of FCLTGlobal.